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Instructions for completing DEA Form 253 CSOS Power of Attorney Certificate Application Introduction Form DEA-253 is for individuals requesting a CSOS Signing Certificate for electronic ordering of controlled substances. Enter the number of CSOS Certificate Application Registrant List Addendums DEA Form 254 submitted. Enter 0 if no addendum forms are attached. DEA Registrant List Addendums allow applicants to enroll for Certificates for additional DEA Registration numbers. 1117-0038 Form...
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Sappho Joe I'm a student pharmacist from USES School of Pharmacy today I'm going to present on how to order seats or drugs using the DEA from 2 to 2 water seats or drugs seated rows are also known as scattered sequential substances these are drugs was manufacture possession and use are regulated by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 in the United States sister drugs have been approved to use for medical reasons but with severe restriction because of high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological and physical dependence example of seeds of drugs include codeine opium cocaine amobarbital and what is the form 2 to 2 this is a triplicate firm composed of a brown green and blue copy respectively from 2 to 2 is the only form accepted by the by wholesalers in order to purchase a to control drugs this form is obtained from the Drug Enforcement Administration by the registered person in schedule 1 and also who can order fill-in sign from 2 to 2 the DEA from 2 to 2 can only be ordered from the DEA by the which that person from to tats comes with the pre-printed address of the pharmacy wholesalers of control drugs can only a superb Regina copies from the purchaser the DID from 2 to 2 can only have two signature of the registered person now I'm going to walk you through on how to complete it a year from toe to toe this is an example of how the form 2 to 2 looks like first is the bond copy underneath we have the green and blue copies respectively you are required to complete this form with a copy still attached together before separating them in step one we have the name of the supplier I was supplying in this case is an as the specialty hurricane step two goes the street address of our of the supplier our supplier address in this example is three four five international Vulva sued 400 a step three goes the city and state of the supplier and in step four is the date you are placing your order in step five you have to fill in the item you want to purchase our first item is 50 milligrams per ml syringes the number of packages is 2 and the size of the package system next we have ten milligrams per ml ampules and the number of packages is 1 the size of our package is 25 next we have dial a date for milligram tablet the number of packages is 1 and the size of the package is 100 next to it, we have the national drug code this section will write a national drug code of the drug if we don't need substitution if you leave it blank this means the supplier can say new substitution this section for the package ship and dead ship are always left blank for the suppliers of you next in step 6 you write the letter that corresponds to where the last item ends in this case our last item in the roadway, so we right away insert in step six step seven is the signature of the registered person then underneath we've added V a number of the pharmacy the DEA from toe to toe comes with the pre-printed information of the purchaser after completing the year from toe...
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